Halloween Home Automation Party Trick

In this post, I’m sharing some code that can be used in your halloween party.

You will need a motion sensor, home assistant and a voice assistant or any speaker that is paired into home assistant. I will be using a google mini. If you have a light bulb with colour you can blink to red.

When someone walks into the room they will not expect this!


Download your mp3, I used this website: https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-categories/

Upload the file under config/www

Note down the name of your mp3 file, mine is called: happy_halloween_male_creepy.mp3


alias: Trigger Halloween Prank

  platform: state
  entity_id: binary_sensor.inspiration_motion_sensor
  to: 'on'
-   service : media_player.volume_set
      entity_id: media_player.kitchen_speaker
      volume_level: 0.7
-   service: switch.turn_on
    entity_id: switch.sonoff_inspiration_room
-   service: lifx.effect_pulse
    entity_id: light.lifx
      entity_id: light.lifx
      mode: strobe
      brightness: 120
      color_name: red
      period: 3
      cycles: 2
-   service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.kitchen_speaker
      media_content_id: 'http://IP_ADDRESS:PORT/local/happy_halloween_male_creepy.mp3'
      media_content_type: 'audio/mp3'



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